Too Many Tv Commercials – What Is The Cause

If you watch television, you have surely noticed that there are just too many tv commercials. The tv commercials are dominating the majority of the program on every channel.
too many tv commercials
I was once a big tv guy, but I have cut my television hours by 80 percent, because of the excessive commercials. They have taken one of America’s favorite pastimes, and turned it into a nightmare.

No matter what channel you switch to, there is a seventy percent chance it will be at a commercial, or be going to commercial within sixty seconds. There are also networks like TV Land, which bury you in commercials every few minutes.

I was a regular watcher of TV Land programs a few years ago, because I like certain shows they run, but I made the decision about six months ago to stop watching them completely, due to them showing too many tv commercials.

I timed them a couple of times, and they were showing eleven commercials in a row, which took five minutes and forty nine seconds, and then when the show came back on, it only played for four minutes and sixteen seconds. That’s more commercial time than show time.

Not only do we have too many tv commercials, but lets not forget the assault of annoying commercials we have gained over the last few years.

I am talking about the drug companies, that show someone dancing through the tulips, as they read the potential benefits of their product, but then come the negatives, which would keep me from taking it. Shouldn’t that be your doctors job, to decide what is best for you?

And to add to the problem of to many tv commercials, is one of the most annoying commercials, the lawsuit commercial.

The ones where the lawyer from “Do We, Cheat UM, and How”, tells us that if we have ever had this happen to us, call their law office immediately, to join their class action suit.

We Are Being Attacked With Too Many Tv Commercials

One of the main reasons that we as consumers are bombarded with these endless commercials, is that the stars of the shows we like to watch, demand ridiculous pay for what they do. I know they are good, but their salaries need to be brought back to reality.

We have daytime shows where the star is getting a million dollars an episode, and sitcom stars that are getting two million per episode.

When we wonder why there are too many tv commercials, it is because the television networks have to recover the outrageous salaries that a lot of these stars want.

And the reason we have so many annoying commercials, like I mentioned above, is because the networks will show anything now, because they assume we will just tolerate it.

A good example is Jon and Kate plus 8. They were getting seventy five thousand per episode. After they broke up, Kate got a deal for a reported two hundred and fifty thousand an episode. Now the rumor is that she is almost broke.

If most Americans got a quarter of a million dollars a week, for over a year, they would be set for life, but many television stars spend it as fast as they get it.

The networks need to get their house in order, and stop paying outrageous salaries to the stars. I am sure a reality star, or a movie star, would work for a lot less, if forced to do so.

Since the average American worker makes about thirty to forty thousand a year, I think a sitcom star could be convinced to do an episode of their show, for one hundred thousand dollars, instead of one or two million.

Back in the day when we all had analog television, and we all had an antenna on our roof, or rabbit ears on top of the tv set, we didn’t have much to complain about, especially because watching television was free, and we never felt there were too many tv commercials. In fact I actually liked the commercials back then.

But today is a different story. We are paying a lot of money to get television into our homes, and I don’t appreciate them using my living room, as their billboard to show an endless amount of annoying commercials.

Too Many Tv Commercials – How To Combat The Problem

Since our government will probably do nothing as usual, the only thing we can do is not support anything advertised on tv. A lot of those ads are tracked, to see what the results are. If you watch the ad on different days, you will see the phone number, or the web address is different.

That is so they can track the response the ad got. If it is not good, they will most likely pull the ad. If that starts to happen, networks will be forced to cut their budgets, instead of adding more commercials, which has gotten us to this problem of too many tv commercials.

If we don’t do anything, they will continue to bombard us with excessive tv commercials, and continue to accept more annoying commercials. Avoiding the commercials is quite easy. Setup your favorite channels on your favorites button, and just go to another channel you like, when a commercial comes on.

I do that now, whenever I watch tv, and this lets me avoid all the excessive tv commercials. There are definitely too many tv commercials being shown, and if we do nothing, there will be even more excessive tv commercials to come.

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