United States Debt

United States Debt – Where Is It Headed?

The United States debt has now exceeded 16 trillion dollars. It has grown by over five trillion dollars since President Obama was put into office, and no one in our government seems particularly concerned.

With the current government budget, the United States debt will be over 35 trillion dollars in about ten years, and we all know that the budget will continue to increase between now and then, so the debt will surely go higher than the 35 trillion predicted.

When President Bush was in office, the debt rose by about the same amount as it has with president Obama, and even though I don’t think that president Obama is doing a very good job of fixing the problem, he really was handed a mess.

But whoever you want to point a finger at for causing this situation, there is a serious economic crisis sneaking up on us, which our government is just not taking seriously enough.

The problem has gotten to this level because of our last few presidents that have been asleep at the wheel, and a congress that can’t seem to work together, for the best interest of this country and it’s people.

I am tired of hearing about the republicans and the democrats, and their differences. They should be doing what is best for this country and its people, and put their differences aside.

They promise the world when they are running for office, but once they get in, they seem to forget the promises they made to the people during their campaign. I think a lot of them have forgotten why they were put there, which is to work for the people.

I have a solution to this problem, which I have been using for a few years now. I vote against all incumbents, Period! That is unless they are doing a good job for the people, but I haven’t run across one of those yet.

Who Will Get Stuck Fixing Our United States Debt?

If everyone in America started to vote against all the do nothing sandbagging politicians, and kick them out of office, you would see how fast the remaining ones would change their attitudes, and how quickly things would start to get better.

But unfortunately our congress has become a retirement home, where wanna bees spend millions of dollars of their own money just to get in, and then stay there forever.

But we really have no one to blame but ourselves, because as we can see in the last few months, our congress has made no progress on anything they have been asked to do, and this has been going on for years.

So if you are not happy with your politicians performance, then boot them out of that retirement home we call the congress, because the person running against them can’t be any worse, and may even surprise you.

And by the way, did you ever notice how politicians running for re election, never have very much solid evidence of why you should re elect them. They spend their entire re election campaign, slinging mud at their opponent.

Maybe it’s because they didn’t do anything worth mentioning, while they were in office. Don’t forget to ask yourself when you go to the polls to vote, what did this politician do for me while they were in office? If you can’t think of anything, it is probably time for them to go.

There is another threat looming over this country, which could shake us to the core if it happens, and could cause a U.S. economic collapse. It is already beginning, but still our government doesn’t seem concerned.

What I am talking about is the U.S. Dollar. The U.S. dollar has always been the world currency, meaning that just about everyone and every country would accept it as payment. That was when we were the strongest financial country in the world.

That was also when our paper money was backed up by large reserves of gold and silver. Up until the late sixties , our paper money had a phrase stamped on it, “Payable To The Bearer On Demand, One Silver Dollar, or whatever the amount of the bill was.

Now that slogan is gone, because there is nothing to back up our money. The problem with this picture is that countries such as Russia, China, Brazil, India, and a few others, are discussing changing the world currency, because they don’t trust our currency anymore, since it is basically worthless paper that we print day and night.

This excessive printing of money to continue paying for the wars we are in, excessive entitlement programs, and the billions we give away to counties that hate us, like Afghanistan and several others, could be our downfall, and cause our economic collapse.

As I said we are the world currency at the moment, but if counties stop having faith in our dollars, and decide to pick a new world currency, then printing money to stay a float will not work anymore, because our money will be worthless except to United States citizens, who can trade it for goods and services.

Could The United States Debt Cause Us To Go Bankrupt?

If you look up the countries that are bankrupt, or on the verge of going bankrupt, we are on that list. We are on the low end of the list, but we are on the “verge of going bankrupt list”.

The United States debt, due to the way our government is being run, is putting us in an economic crisis, which will only get worse.

There are very few jobs for people to apply for, people are losing their homes at an alarming rate, and businesses are failing left and right.

We also have businesses leaving the country and going to other countries, where labor is cheaper and there are less rules and regulations, which takes potential jobs away from our citizens.

This is a bad as it gets, but it will get worse if we do nothing. What can you do you ask? Make sure you go to the polls and vote, and if you have not been happy with the way your senator has acted while in office, vote them out, and let someone else take a shot at it, and if they don’t do a good job, boot them out next time around.

It is the best way I know of to try and stop this debt, and stop this economic crisis, before it swallows us up. If we the people don’t do something to stop this United States debt from growing, and the pending economic problems, I don’t know who will.

And if you have listened to the news lately, there are politicians that are starting to hint, that raising taxes is the only solution to the rising debt. They don’t seem to have the mind set to cut government spending.

We have foxes in the hen house, and we need to get them out, before the United States debt takes us to a place we don’t want to be.

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